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Book Keeper

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Advancement in Information Technology has led to the automation of Business Units. Some software are user friendly, but some software are highly complicated, but boost of being the user friendly software. In such a scenario when an innovative, simple and an integrated software comes in, then this approach must be appreciated.

In the domain of Financial Management several Accounting software are available that have their own Brand Image, but one upcoming Accounting Software that provides complete Accounting Solution with all the integration is none other than the much acclaimed ‘Book Keeper’

Book Keeper provides the complete Accounting Solution in simple terms. Even a person from Non-Commerce Background can use it with much ease. With the culture of Multiplexes, Shopping Malls and Departmental Stores, the trade has increased resulting in increased demand of Accounting. It is even suitable for Micro Scale Business besides Retailers, Whole-Sellers and Distributors etc. It works on Android, IOS and even Window Desktops.

Invoicing is very remarkable in this Book Keeper Software. Even Digital Invoices can be shared with the esteemed customers besides the hard copy as per the requirement. Invoices can be customized and organization details with customized Templates can be printed on the invoice.

Inventory Management with the Bar code Scanner makes this software a highly demanded software for Shopping Malls where every second the inventory changes and Bar Code Scanner is used. Inventory Management leads to complete control over the Items that are short and need Re-Order and minimizes the waste of items that are in excess quantity.

With the increasing craze of online shopping Book Keeper is integrated with E-Commerce websites viz; Amazon and Flipkart. It is really an innovative feature and is very useful to increase the revenue and become more productive.