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School Management System

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A School Management System is often called School ERP. Backed with the power of automation, the School Management System entails every aspect that is mandatory to smoothly run the school and make it more efficient and effective place to gain Academic Heights.

The moment a student boards the School Bus to reach the school in the morning, the School ERP commences its work. The Bus is equipped with Bus Tracking System and this system is part of the School Management System. Here the Parents and Guardians can track the live position of bus with the help of their android phone and can chat with the School Authority as per the requirement.

Next comes the Attendance of the Students. The presence and absence record of the student is daily forwarded to the parents and guardians for the tracking of their ward. Here the child’s safety is ensured and parents can take appropriate measures.

Home-Work, Assignments and Project Works are uploaded in the School Management System and even if a student is absent, he can do the assigned work as per the requirement.

Deposition of School Fees by the parents is made simple and online by the School ERP. Fees reminders to the concerned parents and guardians can also be send with ease by this system without being over-burdened.

Examination Result Declaration is made simple by School Management System and it is done in very effective way. In very effective wat results are declared

Parents and Students both can log in the School ERP System with different ids can know the details of Academics and Extra-Curricular activities of the concerned student as per the requirement.