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Inventory Management System

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Inventory refers to things that are held by Business Units to sell in the market, but the motive is to earn the profit out of it. Generally, people know that only finished good come under Inventory, but this is misconception.Besides Finished Goods, Raw Materials, Packing Materials and Work In progress also qualify to be termed as the Inventory.

Inventory Management is the Backbone of any business. Hence its importance and judicious use cannot be under estimated. The implementation of Inventory Management System just takes the profit of the Business Unit to the next Stratum. The Revenue of the Business Unit increases by implementation of the Inventory Management System because on side it acts as a catalyst in cost controlling and on the other side it is pivotal in managing the supply chain.

An efficient Inventory Management System exactly lets the Business Unit to control the storage of Products at the Ware-House, Optimum Inventory on hand and prevent Product shortage there by maintaining the Demand and Supply Chain.

All leading Business Houses opt for efficient Inventory Management System because its advantages like Increase in the Productivity, Rise in the Inventory Orders,Better Ware-House Management and Effective Maintenance of Supply Chain helps in increasing the Brand Image there by increasing the Revenue of the concerned Business Unit.