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Every Business unit in today’s world of Globalization and advancement of Information Technology must carve a niche for itself. All routine work should be automated. A simple rule of Thumb for automation starts from software, but for every Business Unit same software will not give the desired output or may be that particular software may not pertinent to that particular business. In such a doldrum one needs a Customize Software to take the concerned organization to the next stratum.

As every Product/Service is different from other likewise a Business Unit venturing in diversified products/services should have customized software to deal with it.Equipment and systems should be such aligned that every manual and automated worked should be checked and managed and to cover all essentials, the vital role of Customized Software cannot be under estimated.

Importance of Customized Software can be better understood from the following example. Hotel and a Hospital both deals with the management of people, but a software that deals with Hotel Management System will not be applicable to Hospital Management System as the nature of service is quite different.

Hence to build the long-lasting relationship with customers so that the Brand Image and Brand Value go on increasing, the concerned Organization or Business Unit must give due thrust on Customized software and reap its benefits as all the channels of that business can be properly managed and desired output achieved with increased productivity.