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IVR Service

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Our Interactive Voice Response Service (IVR) is suitably designed to serve our esteemed customers in a customized way that serves their purpose of contacting us. It is innovation in Telephony Menu System and allows incoming callers to navigate a phone system before communicating with the Human Operator designated by the company. In simple way it can be understood that Interactive Voice Response Service enables the Dial pad for Identification, Segmentation and Routing of the caller to the most appropriate incumbent with in the deputed team.

Interactive Voice Response Service increases the efficiency in terms of serving the esteemed customers or potential customers as per their requirements. We can configure personalized messages and prompts as per the options and variability that exists within the designed framework.

With the advent of Globalization and advancement in Information Technology Professionalism becomes the Key factor in Efficiency, Productivity and Satisfaction of Customers and in this Domain Pre-Recorded Message plays a very Pivot Role and it becomes the reality only with IVR Service.

Interactive Voice Response Services makes Automated Customer Service Very Simple. Our customers can obtain information about their Query and solve their problems without the help of any Incumbent.

Our IVR Service also enables the Callers to get priority service as they will be routed to the incumbent who specializes in the required Trouble Shoot, but it is based on Caller’s Value defined by our Company.